Pain is a problem. An estimated 54% of your employee population is in pain, and this number doesn’t go down. Why? Because a pain-first approach does not look deeper than the pain.

Let’s look at the numbers.

The digital-only MSK solution industry holds a 7% standard for employee engagement. This means only 7% of your employees take advantage of an MSK benefit. Within this 7%, 6% of employees take advantage of this benefit because of chronic condition.

If you have a business of 500 people, we can estimate that 270 of those employees are in pain, but only 35 are seeking help. Of those 35, 30 have a chronic condition, and 5 take a proacrtive approach to their health – likely the same group that would take advantage of a gym membership or similar wellness offering.

54% of employees have an MSK concern on any given day. 7% engagement, that leaves 47% without the help they need or seeking help from less desirable options, such as urgent care of the emergency room.

Preventing pain, discomfort, disorder, or injury is paramount to changing the pain numbers. 54% will stay 54% unless you take a proactive approach–which a standard digital-only MSK solution does not take advantage of.

Treating pain only when it arises is inefficient. Your employees–and your bottom line–deserve a proactive approach. Solveglobal works with you to achieve health–for the MSK needs of your employees and for your bottom line.

Only Solveglobal provides comprehensive MSK services–ranging from prevention, fitness, early detection, intervention, ergonomics, physical therapy, and access to on-site care. The Solveglobal solution boasts an average of 68-80% employee engagement. Looking at the numbers, this means that an average of >340 of your 500 employees are engaged early to address their pain, treat a new injury, or mitigate the risk of any new injuries.

Our on-site, near site, and virtual treatment options allow flexibility for your employees to ensure they are able to access the right care at the right time. By doing this, we can drastically lower the cost of future treatment and reduce the duration of pain. MSKs are the #1 cost in healthcare and work comp claims. Solveglobal works to save you money that would be spent on preventable MSKs and return 25-45% to your bottom line.

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