About Us


Solveglobal is a tech-enabled organization that specializes in proactive identification of the risk in your employee population. We detect and defuse musculoskeletal disorder (MSK) risk by resolving the cause of musculoskeletal issues – find it and fix it. The Solveglobal system is proven to reduce medical spend by an average of 35%, reduce work-comp claims, improve employee retention, and keep employees moving and feeling their best at home, at work and while doing the things they enjoy most.

The Solveglobal system is designed for companies that leverage self-insured or partially self-insured health plans and want to improve the physical well-being of their valued employees while also strategically reallocating their healthcare and Work Comp spend. We accomplish this by continuously gathering key data, utilizing predictive analytics and then directly addressing the highest risks with professional on-site, near site, and virtual care.

Real data – powered by predictive analytics – that drives real results! Only Solveglobal can identify risk at an individual employee level AND within your entire employee population!

Only Solveglobal can find the source of MSD pain and Fix the problem


engagement data drive and meaningful itnerventions

Easy implementation within your organization.

Solveglobal delivers a fast & easy implementation within weeks

Real Results

Scalable, sustainable, repeatable, measurable

Off-cycle flexibility

Program launches available year round

Dedicated success manager

Single point of contact responsible fortransparent execution

Developing a Culture of Performance

Increased employee engagement, increased employee retention, increased employee satisfaction