Resolving your employees’ pain – not retaining cases! 

The digital-only MSK solutions on the market tout a 7% employee engagement rate. On top of this, they advertise retaining cases. One top-MSK solution promoted to have 300 cases retained year over year.  

 Now, what can we make of retaining cases? 

 Musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders include any pain, discomfort, or injury to the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and discs. When looking at injuries, there are 3 different categories:   

  • Acute: Pain is less than 3 weeks old.  
  • Sub-Acute: Pain is between 3-12 weeks old.  
  • Chronic: Pain is over 3 months old.  

There are instances where healing times take longer. Factors like age, severity of injury, and surgery all affect how long pain is experienced. Typically, the body should be able to heal should occur within 3-4 months. However, chronic conditions occur when consistent pain that limits the ability to progress and return to normal activity goes beyond that 3-4 month time period.  

If a case is retained year over year, that makes many of these conditions chronic. And the average engagement of digital-only MSK solutions agrees with this. Of the 7% of employees engaged: 

  • 4% are chronic pain cases, 
  • 2% are practicing well-being, and 
  • 1% have an acute injury.  

Whether an employee is engaging with the MSK solution for a pre-existing condition or a new pain or is looking to prevent injury, retaining a case over three months is a cause for questioning the efficacy of the treatment the employee received. 

Some conditions take time to heal, however, patients and providers should have an end-goal in mind with physical therapy–whether it’s reducing pain, returning to activity, or working more efficiently.  

Only Solveglobal provides a comprehensive MSK service for your employees. Our team offers on-site, near-site, and virtual access to a physical therapist to address MSKs ranging from acute injuries to chronic conditions–while also screening for MSK risk in your employee population to head off MSKs before they become chronic or more costly and time-consuming. 

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